My French to Polish translation services

Polski | Français

French to Polish translator established in Poland, I offer translation services from French into Polish. My professional experience enables me to provide both non-literary and literary translations.

I’m specializing in:


Legal and administrative translation from French to Polish

  • Communication with lawyers, legal institutions and public administration.
  • Working fields: family, property, real estate, insurance, commerce (companies), employment, procedure, taxes, customs, social welfare, construction, public tenders.
  • Documents: laws, judgements, summons, official deeds, contracts, agreements, by-laws, powers of attorney, forms, applications, declarations, certifications, permissions, decisions, official correspondence.

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Business and marketing translation from French to Polish

  • Communication with customers, business partners and employees.
  • Transcreation (cultural adaptation).
  • Working fields: commerce, management, accounting, human resources, sales, marketing.
  • Products and services: tourism, hospitality, gastronomy; museums, exhibitions; food, wine; cosmetics, perfumes, clothing,  jewellery; interior design.
  • Documents: strategies, plans, reports, analysis, studies, procedures, financial statements, commercial offers, specifications, presentations, staff magazines, catalogues, databases, flayers, booklets, websites, business correspondence.

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Editorial and literary translation from French to Polish

  • Translation of books and press articles.
  • Genres: fiction, non-fiction, guidebooks, textbooks, picture books.
  • Working fields: history, politics, sociology; philosophy, religions, psychology, communication, linguistics; economics, management, marketing; life style (hobby, health, self-help, spirituality, fashion, beauty, homes, cooking, travel); culture, arts, media.

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