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I have been working as a French to Polish translator since 2004.  I specialize in legal,  business and literary translation from French into Polish. I am a freelancer based in Poland, in the city of Gdańsk.

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What are my strengths?

Professionalism and modernity

  • Quality procedures. Translation projects and client relationship management based on the EN 15038 standard. Good work organization.
  • Efficient working methods integrating new language and information technologies (CAT, Web 2.0).
  • Awareness of the latest trends in the global translation market. Regular participation in translation industry events (“Rynek tłumaczeń i lokalizacji w Polsce”, The Translation and Localization Conference).

Experience and accuracy

  • 9 years of practice in the profession of French to Polish translator. Thousands of pages translated from French to Polish and from Polish to French, hundreds of handled translation projects.
  • Business reliability. Solid, legally registered enterprise operating in the translation market since 2005 (Tłumacz języka francuskiego Monika Szymaniak).

Proficiency and competency

  • Education in linguistics. Understanding of mechanisms of language and communication (Master’s degree in French linguistics at the University of Gdańsk).
  • Formal preparation for the profession of French to Polish translator. Possession of the Polish to French and French to Polish translation techniques (postgraduate studies at the Jagiellonian University).
  • Continuing professional development. Systematically improved linguistic, technical and business skills (postgraduate studies, seminars, lectures, trainings, e-learning courses, webinars, etc.).
  • Advanced linguistic skills. Extensive knowledge of Polish and French stylistics, syntax, grammar, orthography, punctuation and typography; ability to analyse the source texts to be translated from French into Polish or from Polish into French and to write correct, lucid, coherent and relevant target texts in Polish and French.
  • Ability to use the language for specific purposes. Knowledge of different functional varieties of Polish and French (legal, administrative and business language), ability to establish correspondences between terms in Polish and French, to compile, manage and use bilingual terminology.

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Monika Szymaniak
French to Polish translator